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Susan Watkins originally a native of Southern California has returned after 20 years in Northern California. She is a house hold name for Northern California horsemen in the Kiger Mesteno, BLM Wild Mustang, Cowboy Race and Working Equitation circles. As the Exective Director of the United States Working Equitation Association Sue could not pass up the opportunity to create a Working Equitation Facility in the beautiful, horse rich area of Gavilan Hills south of Riverside, even thought it meant uprooting her entire operation, moving 500 miles and leaving a large loyal following of students, clients and beloved horses.

Now open for business Sue welcomes any rider who would like to create better unity with their horse, no matter what their age, disipline or breed of horse. All training by Sue Watkins is based on the traditional Californios style of 'putting the horse first'. From colt starting to advanced training, English, Western, Working Equitation or trail lessons, Clinics specializing in Ground Work, Working Equitation or Trail Obstacles are offered throughtout the year. Her mission is to educate riders and disseminate horsemanship in a form that truly respects the mental, emotional and physical integrity of the horse. Other services offered include: Playdays, Travel to Horse Shows, Horse Transportation, Boarding. Purchase evaluations, Sale Horse prep and consignment. Sue is a top 10 MMO winner, a qualified TIP Trainer for the Mustang Hertiage Foundation, a BLM volunteer Compliance Officer, and BLM Wild Horse demo rider and clinican, so wild horse/mustang gentling is her speciality. Sue will gladly come to your youth group, horse club or business and give a lecture or demo on any of these equine subjects.

The first question people seem to ask a tranier these days is: "What method do you use?" or "Who's style do you follow?"  That is always a questions that leaves me empty pondering just what the person means and what answer they are looking for. Every person is an individual. So untimately they must use their own method which comes from thier own mind's interpertation of what they have seen or learned as well as the benifits or limits of their own physical body. I use the method that works at that particlar moment for that particular horse, these things don't usually have a name. I try to use a method which works for the horse, what ever bridges the gap between English which I speak and Equinelish which the horse speaks.  I have had 100's (maybe 1000's) of equine teachers who with more patience, understanding, faith, knowledge and clarity than any human could ever muster tried to guide me down this path so I could learn to bridge the gap between horses and their riders. I have also had many human mentors in my life, who helped me more than they will ever know, (since I myself am not always the best pupil), some of them I mention on the training page.

I am a firm beliver that a picture is worth a thousand words and since horse's do not speak I have tried to fill this website with photos to help the viewer find what they are looking for. But do not forget you only learn by doing and reading websites is not getting your horses ridden so give me a call.

KCA is a full service all breed, all disipline horse facility with boarding, lessons, training and clinics.  Training and lessons are tailored to the needs of each horse individually with the purpose of maximizing your riding enjoyment by increasing your horse’s interest in his work, thus maximizing his responsiveness. Simply put we specialize in:

“Good usin’ horse that are a pleasure to be around.”

In life or legend, no other horse is quite like the magnificent 

Kiger Mesteno

The Kiger’s striking dun color and primitive markings are extraordinarily beautiful. Their strength, spirit and versatility is unequaled. Kiger Mesteńos are descendants of the Iberian horses introduced to the New World by Spanish Conquistadors. They are athletic and extremely intelligent.  Bold yet willing called “Brio”.  Add their fine qualities of stamina and sure-footedness; you have an animal that excels in any discipline especially working equitation, competitive trail, roping, endurance, driving, cow work, and dressage.

Throughout the exploration of the Americas, the Kiger Mesteno has carried the Conquistador, Native American, Vaquero, Explorer, Pioneer and the Cowboy through all the glory and despair of their lives.  The pathway to the civilization of the America's Frontieer is strewn with the bones of Iberian and Kiger horses, ancestral and modern. They truly are history standing live before you.  It is no wonder that the Kiger Mesteno has received the title of “A living genetic treasure”. 

For the discriminating horse lover seeking a unique combination of rare primitive colors, surefootedness, versitality, a spirited but gentle temperament called “The Fire Within” , and a carriage “Fit for a King” the first and only choice is the Kiger Mesteno Horse, the true “Living Legend”. 

Rancho Kigers de los Californios is considered the "Kiger Mustang Showcase". We are available for consulting, appraisal, acquistions, dispositoins, breeding, training, education, demonstrations, and anything related to the Kiger Mesteno Horse.

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