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KIGERS DO LOS CALIFORNIOS  - Kiger Mustang Horses - Training - Vaquero Tradition and Natural Horsemanship Clinics and Lessons

In life or legend, no other horse is quite like the magnificent Kiger Mesteno.  

The Kiger’s striking dun color and primitive markings are extraordinarily beautiful. Their strength, spirit and versatility is unequaled. Kiger Mesteńos are descendants of horses introduced to the New World by Spanish Conquistadors. They are athletic and extremely intelligent.  Bold yet willing, called “Brio”.  Add their fine qualities of stamina and sure-footedness; you have an animal that excels in any discipline especially competitive trail, roping, endurance, driving, cow work and dressage. 

KCA is a full service horse facility with boarding, lessons, training and clinics.  Training and lessons are tailored to the needs of each horse individually with the purpose of maximizing your riding enjoyment by increasing your horse’s interest in his work, thus maximizing his responsiveness. Simply put we specialize in “Good usin’ horse that are a pleasure to be around.” 

All training by Sue Watkins is resistance free, traditional, Californios style. From colt starting to advanced training, English and Western lessons, Clinics specializing in Ground Work and Trail Obstacles, Playdays, Travel to Horse Shows, Horse Transportation, Boarding. Sale Horse prep and consignment. She does it all.  Wild Horse/ mustang gentling is a specialty.

Kigers de los Californios

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The Kiger Mesteno embodies the history of the Americas.  

For centuries, they have carried the Conquistador and the Native American, the Vaquero and the Explorer, the Pioneer and the Cowboy.  The Kiger horse has been our partner and companion on the path to progress.  It is no wonder that the Kiger Mesteno has been called, “a living genetic treasure.”



For the discriminating horse lover who seeks a unique combination of stunning appearance, high spirit, and gentle temperament called the “Fire within”, matched with a carriage “Fit for a King,” the first and only choice is the Kiger Mesteno Horse, the “True Living Legend.”

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